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SEO is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to your website by ranking high in the search results of the search engines. Why is it important to rank high on search engines? According to Entrepreneur.com writer, Cliff Ennico, "When people go looking for stuff on the Internet, what do they use? A search engine, of course. That's where your advertising focus should be." Proof of this statement is backed up by the 1998 Georgia Tech GVU User Survey, which found 85 percent of respondents found web pages from search engines.

When someone searches on a particular word or phrase related to your website,
if it is optimized, the chances are, you will be found. SEO takes into account a number of factors including:

- Quality Word Content
Page Layout
Meta Tags
Targeted Keywords & Phrases

(Read more on all topics below)




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Quality Word Content

First step is to make sure you actually have words on your pages. Many web sites unfortunately go for flash home pages with only one or two words of text. They may look slick, but have little or no value in terms of helping your potential customers find you. Major search engines want to ensure that sites at the top of their rankings are offering valuable information or service to visitors. Each page content should be directed towards a specific focus or theme. The content needs to be optimized so that both search engines and visitors find it useful. One of the most effective ways to ensure that your site is properly keyword optimized, is to first write the content naturally. Once you have done this, go through and make sure that any relevant keywords are included throughout. The content should flow naturally, be smooth, easy to read and understand. Your content should be made up of all of your keywords and other text. A total keyword density (all keywords) of around 15% to 20% is the maximum you should aim for and anything less than 5% is unlikely to yield good results. Density for a single keyword should be between 1% and 7%. 1% seems too low, and 7% a little too high. Wherever possible aim for approximately 5% with the primary keyword and 3% with secondary and subsequent keywords.

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Page Layout

Keep it simple. Site design should emphasize text - not graphics - and be "search engine friendly." This means search engines should be able to find data on your site to put in their databases. I know they say "a picture may be worth a thousand words," however, in cyberspace, search engines classify pages by text - not images. Pages that are all flash or all images are not search engine friendly. Images and graphics should enhance your text, not the other way around.

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Meta Tags

These are part of the code that the search engine spiders come crawling around looking for. Meta tags include a title tag, description and keywords. To be properly optimized, your site must have a title and description, and if you want a high ranking, your keyword(s) must be in the title and description. You also want a metatag for your list of keywords. The metatag description is a short sentence or two about your site - similar to a sign on a store in a mall. This description and the title are what the search engine displays for a prospective visitor to read to decide if he wants to click on your site instead of the one above or below it. A well-written, enticing title and description is the difference between a visitor clicking on the link to your website and ultimately buying your product or service - or not.

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Targeted Keywords & Phrases

A little research goes a long way in finding the right targeted keywords and phrases that will get you the most bang for your buck. Quality really counts more than quantity as far as keywords go. Stay away from very general, broad keywords or phrases - they won't give you the targeted prospects you want, nor will you get very high rankings from the search engines. For instance, if you are selling 'sandals,' which is a very broad category, you would want to target a more specific type of sandal - such as 'flip flops.' Even better is the phrase 'havaianas flip flops' - a specific brand which will attract the exact buyer who is searching for what you have to offer. In fact, according to Jupiter Media Metrix, 28 percent of searchers will type a product name into a search engine. 9 percent type in a brand name and 5 percent type in company names. Remember, the more targeted your keyword phrase, the more likely they are to buy.

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The bottom line - SEO truly is the art of preparing or altering a website to get as many of your targeted consumer market to visit your site and ultimately buy your product or service. SEO allows you to reach the exact people who are looking for and wanting to purchase what you have to offer.




No high pressure tactics, no gimmicks or gadgets, no black hat techniques.
Integrity is our bottom line. We employ white hat techniques and specialize in relationships with individuals and companies that want more than just a web presence. We guide you through the vast Internet maze while demystifying the process. If Internet sales of your product or service is what you want -
not just traffic or a high ranking - you have come to the right place!

All backed with knowledge -
Gained from years of experience, being in the website business since 1996, and our outstanding customer service.



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